«Loppa» - the worlds smallest gutting and cutting machine

Cheap and reliable, with 24 hour service guarantee

Easy and cost effective
Havfront aims to deliver reliable products that the fishermen easily can do maintenence on themselves. This gives low running costs, at the same time it gives little yard stays to do maintenance. If you need help, we are available by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a ytear. – We are here to solve the customer needs quickly, easily and cheaply. We send spare parts over night with excellent instructions. The service phone is on 24 hours a day. Call +47 452 655 04, and I will respond. If the problem persists, we will personally come to your boat to fix the issue, says Oddbjørn Gudmundsen, Project Manager for the Loppa.

Satisfied fishermen
«Loppa» has the past two years been in use on different boats. «Mats-Erik» and «Aspholm» has since the startup gutted and cut approximatly 1,000 tons of fish in total with the two machines. The boats has low operating costs for service and follow-up of the machines. Ørjan Henriksen is the captain of the «Mats-Erik». He confirms that the machine is living up to expectations. – I remember we had to change knives, but then we just postponed it until Havfront came and performed service on the machine onboard. If we have any problems, we just call them. They come at once and find solutions quickly. This year, there hasn’t been any service on the machine, except for a wire that broke. If any parts need to be replaced, the fishermen can do this onboard. «Loppa» is simple and effective, says Henriksen.

Continous development
The feedback makes Havfront sure that the machine meets user excpectations. – In any case, the customers should know that we are working continously to improve both service and the product itself. We have recently hired Ingar Langåker as an automation engineer. He has experience with among other things, ROV. Ingar will join us in product development and will help the boats with quick solutions if something happens with any of the machines, Gudmundsen explains.

Handles rough conditions
«Loppa» is based on hydraulic power. It is specifically designed to handle the vastly different weather and climates boats and ships will encounterer, and is extremly reliable. «Aspholm» has the «Loppa» on an open deck where the machine often is partly submerged in water in bad weather. – This kind of extremes do cause some hickups that affects the operation. “Aspholm” messaged us that they had some signal faults, but that they fixed it themselves. Then we know that kind of design changes that needs to be done, and gives us the oppurtunity to avoid these faults in the future. We greatly appreciate feedback from our customers. This is how we must do it: if we don’t follow up on the feedback, we won’t get any more sales. It’s that simple, Gudmundsen says.

Technical Data

  • Species: White fish

  • Fish Size: 10 kg

  • Pretreatment: Throat cut

  • Capacity: 20 fish per minute

  • Energy source: Hydraulic

  • Oil consumtion: 45 l/min

  • Operators: 1 person

  • Weight: 195 kg

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M/S “Stormhav” orders two of the worlds smallest gutting machines

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